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Faith isn't a cookie-cutter thing.

Some people are new to faith while others have been committed to Christ from their toddler years. We believe God draws people to Himself by grace, and at LWC, we believe the call to live like Christ begins with faith.


The book of Romans tells us the "righteous will live by faith." In the moments where patience is running thin, in the moments where you feel like you can't go on, and even in the moments where life is treating you well, you aren't called to handle it all on your own. That's where faith comes in to play. Faith connects us to God and stretches us to become more like Christ.

For us, we think faith is characterized by individual responses to God's desire for your life. Whether it's coming to church for the first time in a while, giving your heart to Jesus, rededicating your life to him, baptism, membership, tithing, or even deciding on where God will work through you in a volunteer role, we believe God provides.

If you're unsure about faith, the Church, or about what your next steps should be, please email us at

To grow is to love.

Our faith doesn't end the moment we accept Jesus as our savior. To experience all the fullness of God, our faith should be characterized by growth.

As a church, we emphasize growth as a form of worship to God. If we as believers are growing in knowledge and accountability, we can better love those around us.

On Sunday mornings before our worship service, we host a children's class along with two additional classes for adults. We also host bible studies at the church during the fall and spring.

We believe the church isn't a place - we believe the church is a group of people, so if you and another person are meeting together, God is with you as well.


If you ever need any resources about how to lead a bible study, or if you're interested in further developing your faith, reach out to us at

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Service makes us more like Christ.

Before his crucifixion, Jesus made sure to set time aside so that he could have one final meal with his disciples. Shortly after finishing the meal, he took his robe and tied it around his waist like a towel. He then began to wash his disciples feet. If you can think about the nastiest feet near you, multiply that nastiness by 100 and then you'd have the disciples' feet.

In the same way that Christ humbled himself before his closest friends, we are called to humble ourselves and serve others. Not because it's glamorous or fun (because it isn't always fun), but because we take on a more accurate image of God when we serve. Some of the biggest ways we serve through hope at LWC is by volunteering. We have all sorts of volunteering positions. On top of church-related roles, we are looking more and more for opportunities to make God famous in the Spartanburg/Greenville areas and beyond. We sponsor several missionaries and we are always ready to help when relief is needed.

If you're interested in volunteering, seeing God's people come together for needs in the local/global community, please reach out at


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