As a local church, our mission is the same as every other local church - to reach out and make disciples.


As a church committed to reaching out to its surrounding community, we have looked through research and reports and found that nearly 127,000 people in Spartanburg County alone who claim no religious affiliation. In other words...

There are 127,000 people in Spartanburg County who have NOT been impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are not okay with this 'gospel gap.' So, in an effort to reach out into our community and make disciples who are fully committed in their relationship to God, we have joined with other Wesleyan churches in the South Carolina district in a challenge called  JUST 1 MORE!


Through this challenge, our prayer is that individuals - involved at LWC or not - would be impressed to PRAY specifically for people who don't know Jesus Christ and who also feel led to ACT on the behalf of the people they influence to bring just 1 more person into the Kingdom of God.


Imagine if every disciple of Christ made a new disciple, who made another disciple, who made another disciple. We believe that's a high calling, but with God's grace and with God's promise to be with us, we believe the Church can make an eternal impact in Spartanburg County and beyond.