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As a local church, our mission is the same as every other local church - to be and make disciples who make disciples.


As a church committed to reaching out to its surrounding community, we have looked through research and reports and found that nearly 127,000 people in Spartanburg County alone who claim no religious affiliation. In other words...

There are 127,000 people in Spartanburg County who have NOT been impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That's a reality that we aren't ok with. In fact, we believe it reflects the fact that as the Church, we've failed to make the main thing, the main thing. We're striving to get back to basics- to learn together what it looks like to live the ways and words of Jesus faithfully, and invite others to do the same. We are a work in progress, and so we understand that you are too! We believe the hope for us all is the life-changing grace and love of Christ and the work of God's Holy Spirit to transform us and make us new!  

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