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All the way back in 1924, with a group of 14 people, our church was started with a hope and desire that God wanted to transform the community around them. Nearly a century later, that same hope and desire remains.


The past couple of years have been among the most trying times we’ve encountered in generations! As the world emerged from COVID in 2021, Lyman Wesleyan Church determined it was time to renew our commitment to that hope. Amidst a season of cultural change, we were undergoing changes of our own. Entering into a new season of life and ministry together, we’re seeking God’s leading and direction for what it looks like for us- as a local church- to be and make disciples of Jesus, who make disciples of Jesus. 


Here, you’re invited to step into this new season with us, exploring the ways and words of Jesus for yourself. Starting from the ground up, we’re committed to becoming all that God is calling us to be and all that our community needs us to be as a local church! We’re gathering each Sunday at 11 AM (and each week’s teaching is uploaded to both YouTube and Facebook early in the week). Together, we worship God in shared songs and prayers from across the life and history of the Church, in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll find people across the generations gathering together, becoming a family of faith!


Alongside our worship gatherings, the next generation of discipleship unfolds in our Kids’ worship gathering. As a family of faith, your family’s growth in the ways and words of Jesus matters to us- so kids are always welcome to remain with you in the sanctuary, but are also invited to join their peers downstairs as well. As we continue to seek God’s leading, Next Gen ministries for toddlers, kids and youth are among the top priorities for us as a congregation. 


In this new season, we’re convinced that God’s best is yet to come! You are invited to bring your questions, your doubts and your fears with you as together we explore what it means to follow the ways and words of Jesus, together!

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