All the way back in 1924 with a group of 14 people, our church was started with a hope and desire that God wanted to transform the community around them. Nearly a century later, that same hope and desire remains.

With a renewed vision of equipping and empowering people to LIVE by faith, GROW in love, and SERVE through hope, we are reaching out to all those who need their faith renewed, who need to experience the love of God, and who need to see hope put into action.

Looking to the immediate needs of our community and looking to witness a movement of God for years to come, we are looking to families - regardless of how defined or undefined they may be - and proudly proclaiming YOU BELONG HERE.

At LWC, you can expect to grow closer to God and closer with others. We have an easy-going, warm environment where jeans and t-shirts are more than welcome. We have a passion to reach all the corners of Spartanburg County and to see peoples' lives transformed by God.

We have 2 LifeGroups that start at 10:00am. We utilize dynamic worship elements throughout our worship service which begins at 11:00am.

We believe children are a valuable part of our church and are welcome in the sanctuary at any time. If you would like for them to experience worship with other kids, we host kids ministry and nursery downstairs. We want the best worship experience for you and for your kids.

Life lived with God is not always easy or rewarding, but it is always an adventure. We’d love for you to join us in our adventure as we strive to be a transforming presence in our community and beyond!