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March 22nd online worship.

Palm Sunday online worship.

April 19th online worship.

May 3rd online worship.

March 29th online worship.

Easter Sunday online worship.

April 26th online worship.

May 10th online worship.


Learn more about God & grow with Him.

As we continue to worship & meet completely online, we've been brief teachings and bible studies on ​Thursday afternoons. We hope they encourage you and inspire you to dedicate more time to studying God's word and further investing in your relationship with Him.


Learn more about God & grow with Him.

Seedbed is an interdenominational organization that many Wesleyan churches utilize for small group studies, personal inspiration, and sermon series. They have provided several free resources. These are just a few that may be of interest.

For the various video studies, you'll need to create a free account on vimeo, click buy all, then use the code provided. The videos will now be permanently available to you and you can even download them if you'd like.

Grow at Home – Discipleship that happens at home.

Quest for Holiness – Personal discipleship & accountability.

Long Story Short – The full story of Scripture broken into 6 parts.

By Signs & Wonders – Evangelism & missional focus in a post-Christian world.

Supernatural – Living Christlike in a world suffering from sin.

The Great Reversal – Focused on Jesus and why he is so important.

The Spirit-Filled Life – The Holy Spirit lives in us, so what does that mean?

Wildfire – What does it look like to live on mission in our world?

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